Halloween Beyond Costumes and Masks

Halloween Beyond Costumes and Masks

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The spiritual meaning behind Halloween

It is believed by Ancient Celts that Samhain is the time of “thinning of the veil between physical and spiritual planes”. It is also believed that during this time the dead spirits are free to roam until dawn and believed that they could easily tap into spiritual realms during Samhain. Divining the health of tribesmen, making powerful predictions, and coming with elixirs that cure sickness were held by Druid Celtic priests during ceremonies.

To allow the good souls of their departed ancestors to have a brief visit home they would set out food and wine and believed that good souls disguised themselves through scary masks and tricking the spirits to think that they are one of them. It is also the time where some of the Celts dressed up in ghouling masks to lead unwanted spirits out of the town and other Celts offer sweets and treat to appease bad spirits.

The evolution of Halloween

Christianity took over thousands of Pagans and to adapt their rituals they create one where they turned Samhain into All Saint’s Day a.k.a. All Hallows, where they honor Saints with feasting and celebrations. So the church adopts the celebration where they honor the dead members instead of setting out food and wine to appease the spirit. It also birthed the “soul cakes” where they bake a cake for the poor who prays for the dead. This cake is given to the poor people to eat and celebrate All Hallows. As time goes by, All Saint’s Day became a celebrated day where being celebrated the night before November 1st which eventually became known as Halloween.

Spiritual Significance of Halloween

During Halloween, you can meditate and it is believed that it is the time of the thinning of the veil between physical and spiritual planes where it is easier to tap the spiritual realms. This veil thinning is caused that in this time it was the in-between summer and winter and other in-between like waking and sleeping or water and air (foggy place). It was also that the veil is thinning because it is a cross-quarter day where the night is longer than the day and that’s the time where spirits roam around. In meditating, Halloween is a time of rebirth where you can embrace the new and let go of the old where you can shed what is no longer working for you and clearing old baggage. This also symbolizes hope, good luck, and transformation.

Releasing of baggage (Grounding Tool)

Halloween is the best time to let go of negative things with the use of the grounding tool by creating a line dropping from the tip of your tailbone towards the center of the Earth. For example, get a grounding cord to look like a lightsaber that extends into the center of the Earth. This holds your spirit firmly in place, aligned within your physical body, and keeps your attention point securely inside of your head. It is a release between your body toward where you sit or stand which is the Earth, by doing this you are extracting negativity from your body.

Psychic Protections

There are different psychic protections which can clear the energy around your house. These includes burning or spraying Sage, psychic protection stones or crystals, these helps keep lower energies away. You can also use black tourmaline or black onyx to absorb and neutralize negativity. There is also a set where you can put on your windows and doors like black tourmaline set or spiritual protection crystals which include Obsidian, Fluorite, Malachite, Hematite, Amethyst, Tree Agate, Clear Quartz, and Black Tourmaline. Lastly, you can use Hematite and Amethyst to block and transmute harmful energies.

Though there are many different interpretations on the origin and purpose for the Halloween celebration, it is essential to know that it’s importance is to acknowledge our deeper spiritual connection with our loved ones who departed from us. Halloween has been marked as a holiday of fear but it is important to know that it is a celebration of freedom and rebirth.