Top Places to Spend Halloween

Top Places to Spend Halloween

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Halloween typically starts in October, a time when people go on a spooky adventure and let their imagination roam wild. No matter what kind of Halloween celebration you are preparing for here are the best cities to celebrate the season:

Las Vegas

When it comes to festivities, Las Vegas is always the place to be, though if you plan to go to Vegas for Halloween it would be advisable to leave the children at home. Most shows and costume parties, during this time, is for adults-only and are not kid-friendly.

West Hollywood Halloween Carnival

If you are big on dressing up for Halloween, then you’ll love West Hollywood Carnival on Halloween. This is no place to be ordinary, the main purpose of their parties is to dress up as extravagantly as you can. But it’s not just the costumes that make this place great for Halloween. There are prizes that you can win for being the best dressed and if you’re lucky you’ll find some celebrities, now isn’t that cool?

New Orleans

Although New Orleans is popular for Mardi Gras it also has a popular event on Halloween! It’s Krewe of Boo, it takes place in the French Quarter, downtown New Orleans. This is a parade of different Halloween-themed floats and costumes. If this does not interest you, you can check out other Halloween events and gatherings over the weekend.

New York City

“The city that never sleeps” is great for Halloween too. The most awaited Village Halloween Parade is the highlight here during the Halloween season. The parade has a different theme every year, so make sure you know the theme so you can participate in the parade. And if you still have the energy, go ahead and join where the flock goes after the parade.

Disney World

On Halloween season you will have the chance to meet and greet characters that don’t appear for 11 months in the evening parade. Nothing is more fun than to celebrate the spooky Halloween in everyone’s favorite place, where everyone is welcome — DISNEY WORLD.

Amongst the top 5 places to visit his Halloween, where would you best enjoy? No matter your preference, there is always a place for you!