Chick-fil-A to start serving Mac and Cheese today in Concord, NC

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Just when you thought Chick-fil-A could not get any better, they add baked macaroni and cheese now as an option on the menu. Starting today Chick-fil-A will roll out the new Mac & Cheese nationwide.

The Mac and Cheese will be serviced baked. Chick-fil-A tested the Mac and Cheese for almost 2 years and will add the Mac and Cheese permanently to the menu. The cheeses in the Mac and Cheese include Parmesan, Romano, Monterey Jack, and Cheddar.

The Mac and Cheese will be available in two sizes. One is a 4-ounce bowl for kids and the other is a premium 8-ounce bowl.

So starting today a choice will have to be made when visiting Chick-fil-A. Will it be the famous waffle fries or the new Mac and Cheese as your side?